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Concierge Medicine

InLight EHR features a robust retainer management feature to make it easy for you to enjoy your concierge medicine practice and give your patients the high touch experience they expect.

Who should use InLight EHR

  • Concierge Medicine Practices
  • Alternative Medicine Practices
  • Micro practices offering a mix of cash and retainer based services
  • Hybrid practices offering cash and insurance based payment options

InLight offers integrated retainer management, a patient engagement solution, and built-in support for basic fee for services documentation, including the ability generate a Medicare 1500 form and export charges to the Practice Management system of your choice.


Concierge Medicine Physician

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Document Independently

Problem Oriented Medical Record

The problem-oriented documentation style relieves the cognitive burden that many physicians struggle with daily. Detailed patient histories sorted by problem provide meaningful longitudinal views of chronic conditions.


Greatest eRx since sliced bread. 3 click prescribing. Interaction checking. Easy refill management.

No Meaningful Use

InLight does not have any of the clutter in the record that other EHRs do due to Meaningful Use requirements. InLight EHR has only the features you need to care for your patients.


Complete labs management workflow. Supports multiple lab vendors in one easy to use ordering screen. Document results and communicate with patients seamlessly.


Communicate Effectively

Integrated Secure Messaging

Confidently communicate with patients and staff from your mobile device. All your messages are captured in the chart for easy notation and follow-up.

Integrated Fax

Cancel the extra fax number. Direct all your faxes to InLight to easy patient matching and tagging.

Document Management

Stop fumbling for missing documents. Upload, search, sort, preview, and export documents from the patient chart.

Revenue Independent

Membership Management

Create memberships based on how your business model is set up. InLight is able to support cash–only practices, as well as those that accept checks and credit cards.


Run reports from InLight for a comprehensive view into the status of bills, allowing you to track your revenue more accurately.


InLight has the ability to bill insurance, as well as create Medicare 1500 forms.

Built By Clinicians

InLight EHR was developed by a team of practicing physicians with diverse backgrounds and medical specialties.
The result is a unique product with the power to drive your business.