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During the planning stage of any new concierge or DPC practice, it’s critical to evaluate different monthly payment options.  Considerations include minimizing costs and risks, optimizing operations, safeguarding business processes, and appealing to patients.

At Amazing Charts, we recommend you offer patients Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions as the only option for payments at your clinic.

While you never want to turn away business because a new patient refuses to pay using anything other than credit card, the following example shows how you can recover most of your monthly EHR cost by asking your patients to use ACH transactions to pay you.


  • Panel size: 150 patients
  • Plan cost: Average of $60/patient/month ($40 Bronze; $60 Silver; $80 Gold)
  • Total monthly transactions: $9,000 ($60 x 150 patients)

Now, let’s do the math:

  • If all your patient’s pay using a credit card at the current rate of 2.9% per transaction, you will pay $261 per month in transaction fees.
  • If all your patient’s pay using ACH at the current rate of $0.25 per transaction, you will pay just $37.50 per month in transaction fees!

The total savings with ACH is $223.50 per month, which practically covers your entire monthly InLight bill of $249!  It’s like getting your EHR for free (see Figure 1).

FIGURE 1: Annual cost of ACH versus credit cards

In addition to potentially saving your practice hundreds of dollars in credit card transaction and processing fees monthly, there are other benefits to implementing an ACH-only payment option at your concierge or DPC clinic.

We all know that credit cards are frequently lost, stolen, or expire.  By contrast, bank account numbers rarely change. Therefore, your practice enjoys more consistent cash flow, less risk, and tighter security. Since patients no longer need to write and mail paper checks, which can get lost or stolen, the ACH-only policy is more convenient and secure for them, as well.

The bottom line: ACH-only payments are less expensive, more convenient, and safer than credit cards.

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