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InLight is brilliant because I can pull up a timeline of the entire history of how I’ve treated a patient’s hypertension treatments, instead of gathering the notes from every visit and trying to piece the history together manually.

Cory Annis, MD

Carrboro, NC

I’ve been aware of Amazing Charts since 2001, so I felt confident trying their new EHR. I compared InLight to the leading EHR for DPC practices, and found it to be much better organized.

Cindy Croy, MD

Joplin, MO

I discovered InLight EHR when a colleague told me to look at Amazing Charts. Both EHRs are from the same company. InLight is highly customizable, letting me create templates for frequently used text. My practice has an RN who does non-medical aesthetics procedures, and we can use InLight to track what she does.

Lisa Roark, MD

Cassville, MO

I had to renew a medication and couldn’t remember the date of the patient’s last visit, or if I wanted to keep him on the same dose. Not to worry…InLight allowed me to click on the Patient Summary and from there to the last visit without leaving the Rx Refill module! I could see the last progress note and verify his current dose. I closed out of the note, hit ‘Match,’ and the refill authorization was sent. Perfect!

Bruce Jung, MD

Corbin, KY

InLight fits my needs because it’s easy to use and is offered at a very affordable price. I like the way it displays a complete list of a patient’s problems at the start of a visit, and everything else required is contained in one easy to navigate note. InLight is focused on a physician’s daily needs in the clinic. The support staff is helpful and they listen to physician feedback in forming regular updates.

Alan Smiy, MD

St. Joseph, MI

InLight is one of the most user-friendly EHRs I’ve ever used. I really like how the note is structured, especially how it lets me create an assessment and plan inside each problem instead of waiting until the end of the exam and combining all the problems together. This means less clicking and scrolling around. InLight also makes follow-up visits more efficient because I can read the last note in seconds.

Hisana Qamar, MD

Las Vegas, NV

We started the new practice while working full time, so there was no time for formal training. We learned to use InLight EHR on the job, with occasional support from Amazing Charts. It’s just more intuitive to use than other systems, and everything it documents is clinically relevant to us. The organization of information by patient problem means no more hunting through months-old visits to find everything related to a particular issue.

Wendy Cohen, MD, and David Cunningham, MD

Mansfield, MA

Using InLight is like a breath of fresh air. It epitomizes usability… I can create a new patient problem, let it go dormant for a while, and then easily find and reactivate it later.

Dan Weeden, MD

Rogers, AR