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Designed for your Small Practice

Small practices operate not only as a physician’s office, but also as a small business. Having the right tools at your fingertips is essential to success, so why not have one tool that can support all of your medical documentation as well as your business needs? InLight is a new concept changing how physicians feel about EHRs:

  • The Problem-Oriented Medical Record lets you to chart how you think, and InLight remembers how you treat problems.
  • InLight removes Meaningful Use clutter, reducing repetitive tasks for routine encounters.
  • Designed by clinicians, InLight is the ideal small practice EHR for today’s independent primary care physicians who want to Do More and Document Less.

InLight is brilliant because I can pull up a timeline of the entire history of how I’ve treated a patient’s hypertension treatments, instead of gathering the notes from every visit and trying to piece the history together manually.

Cory Annis, MD

Carrboro, NC

InLight EHR Webinar

Choosing the Right EHR for Your Direct Care Practice

Dr. Bruce Jung, a leader in direct primary care (DPC), discussed his experiences in running a successful DPC practice. He also detailed the importance of using an EHR with specific features for direct care that allow you to both run your business and spend time with patients (not your computer).

Learning objectives:

  • How to establish a successful DPC practice
  • How to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks
  • Why you want built in membership management
  • Learn the secret to successful patient engagement

Watch Recording

Watch Recording

Small Practice

Simplified clinical workflows for the traditional fee-for-service billing practice, featuring problem specific sourcing. You’ll enjoy increased office efficiencies, robust patient engagement tools, and extra time to focus on your patients.

Direct Primary Care

Affordably priced and offers streamlined workflows, flexible monthly membership management options, tools for increasing your subscription base, and a robust tool for communicating directly with your patients.

Concierge Medicine

Comprehensive retainer management features make it easy for you to grow your practice with a flexible design that supports a variety of plans and billing periods. Features the ability to efficiently order and management prescriptions.

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